Empanadas and details

09 Dec

As I already explain before empanada can be made with so many different ingredient inside, everyone has their own way.

These are the variety that you can get from us and for sure if you have any different ingredient that you would love to put inside our empandas please feel free to say it to me and I will try my best to make it.

All the empandas have the “prebe” that is the mix of onions and peppers and then you can get:

Tuna, Scallops, Octopus, Cod fish and raisins, Sardines, Ham and cheese, Raxo(pork loin marinated with wine…), Zorza(pork loin marinated with spanish paprika), Chicken and apple, Chicken and mushrooms, Veggies, Cockle, Chorizo, …also we can make the mass with corn flour.

The prices are:

40$ for the tuna, veggies, chicken, ham and cheese, chorizo

45$ for raxo, zorza, chicken and apple, chicken and mushrooms

50$ for scallops, octopus, cockles, sardines, cod fish and raisins, tuna,egg and olives

Contact details:

Guille +61 449969186

Orders to pick up or ask for possible delivery and be aware that an empanada needs at least 75 min to be done.

Thanks and “bo proveito”!!!

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