Empanada´s history (Galician pie)

06 Dec

The “Galician Empanadas” are known since the time of the Goths in the 7th century where standards are enacted for its elaboration. The Empanada was ideal food for travelers, as a food that avoid stuffy and inner contact with the dusted paths. Galician empanadas are already carved in the twelfth century “Pórtico de la Gloria” in Santiago de Compostela(Galicia). It´s one of the identities of Galicia and a dish that you would find in all the houses, everyone loves Empanada because of the variety of ingredients that you can find inside.
The Empanada dough has flour, similar to that used for making bread, lard, water…and some other tricky ingredients. This dough has a fine texture and sometimes is made with corn flour, known as “Empanada de Millo” very typical in the south of Galicia with the inside made of “zamburiñas” a kind of small scallops.
Empanada is made in a mold with so many diferent shapes. The filling is usually made of different contents as fish, meat, veggies,…, previously made ​​a “prebe” mix of onions and peppers. Once the top is put on the Empanada the mould is introduced in the preheat oven around 45 min. It is usually served in portions and freshly cut just hot or cold as apetizer or tapa.


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